Sunday, April 3, 2011

Thousand Needles

So now that I am starting 4 10's I get to go to Jenni's doctor's visit, this Friday (April 1) we learned the basics of how to stick a love one with a sharp object and not get into trouble for it. It was an event to say the least, looking a Jenni, every time that the instructor was telling not to do something, and not knowing it was already too late, Jenni started doing most of them about oh since we started talking about kids and the fact that we are doing IVF with ICSI. The instructor kept telling Jenni not to listen to the doctor when he is examining her, since he is not really talking to her, but to her staff, however knowing Jenni as well as I do, it would take a shift of the poles not to have her listen, then Google, then research, the Google some more, what ever the doctor says.

She has, since going onto the pill, done a great impersonation of Linda Blair from the Exorcist with a dash of Sybil in there to make it an real hoot to be around her. I love her lots, it is not like i am being really easy to be with right now, with the extra weight and the snoring that I have been doing, I can see that she really loves me too. but that whatever gods are in charge of her drug use, she is done with them and hopefully things can get back to normal.

I cut my foot the other week and the doctor has me on a drug that is helping stop an allergic reaction that I got at the same time, however that drug has sent my Blood Sugar Levels into orbit around the moon, which makes for my own Doctor Jekyll and Mr. Hyde moments and me getting pissed at the seat belt from the car holding me in when I want to get out.

I only have two more days on it, so hopefully I can make it though dealing with least number of people, and even then I hope that they are really sweet and understanding people, cause I am GRUMPY MISER, the lest know brother of the three.