Friday, June 11, 2010

Happy Friday

Well the week is over and it is Friday. After a terrible Monday night, things picked up for Jenni and I. After a long patch of no sex, we have cured it for three nights so far, hopefully this will not stop anytime soon. I also went shooting with my friend, man there is nothing like shooting off a gun to make you feel better about your crappy work week. It actually is startling to be shown that shooting off a gun and all the things that go into it, the aiming, the breathing, the long and steady pull of the trigger and the final firing of the gun when the trigger breaks that really allow you to pull all of the stress, toxic juju out your system and leave you with the clear mindedness to enjoy work the next day since you are no longer carting around the baggage from the rest of the week

Tuesday, June 8, 2010

When we last saw them ....

So I had some friends over for our bi-weekly Shadowrun game, which I was running, not too smoothly i might add, I had a very bad end of work and with no time to get it out of my system, I was very frustrated with how they were attacking the house I had made up as the super-villain's lair. They were thinking outside the box and I was not having any of it. I poorly took some of it out on Jenni and them, but mostly Jenni, which in retrospect was crappy of me. The good part of all of this is instead of having two weeks to brood over how crappy i ran game, we decided to hold game on Monday, which hope that some of them have fun, I know that I will.
*echoing maniacal laughter*

Sunday, June 6, 2010

The Start of Things ...

Sometimes the start of things are just as important as the thing itself. Starting this blog is a large step for me. What I am hoping to get from this is some release from the crude that is in my emotional inbox. A bit about me, I have a wonderful wife Jenni, I work in a call center, I am a newly type 1.5 (late on set type one) diabetic. I like to spend my time reading book, play Xbox games, and role playing games. Well I will get to some of the crude later :)