Friday, August 13, 2010

The day before

well it is the day before vacation starts and my birthday, I am looking forward to spending time in bed with jenni ;) and going to high tea on Thursday. I hope that you also have a great week
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Wednesday, August 11, 2010

A New Start

So for the past couple of weeks, we (Jenni and I) have been having a not so good time of communicating to each other. Mostly it has come from the lack of intimate communication. This weekend while we were setting up the tent for camping, we talked, it was not a happy conversation to be having while camping, but we had it, and during the talk I came to a realization that I do want to have kids, and with Jenni. Now all we have to do is come up with the money.

I am not worried about that, Jenni is awesome when it comes to money, however we have a few things that will be coming up that might put a major dent in our money saving power (go go student loans). Sitting here at work, two days till my vacation and thinking, today is going to be better (last night was a lot of fun *wink *wink).

So, recap of what I do know, one I like to play Shadowrun (which by the way they finished the run, even though I did chop at least 40% from the end of the run), I am going to try to have kids with my sexy, wonderful, loving wife, I have good friends, a good job, and a great set of pets. I still don't know a lot, but I am comfortable with that.

Friday, August 6, 2010

from my phone

so this is my first blog from my phone and i really don't know what to post. so i guess i will do recap of what has been going on since i last posted. well first i did not get the job, which is ok since i do get to go on vacation witb jenni. second we saw both the sorcerer's apprentice, which was a fun movie.

then we saw the kids are alright, which jenni really liked, which makes what i am about to say very hard. it was two hours of my worst fear about using a sperm donor.
i am infertile. my sperm don't move on their own. i wish it was different, but it's not. i am not going into the movie so that i will not ruin it for others. but at times i really just wanted to run for the door. we are going camping this weekend with jenni's family which will be a good break for us. well till next time

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